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Welcome to Kingman Academy of Learning's Technology Department!


If you are having any computer related issues please read these instructions. This includes problems with your computer, printer, ELMO, or projector.

The first thing to do is to contact your secretary. They have the answers to many of your questions. They can fix many of the most common problems and if there is a wide-spread issue I will contact them so that they know about it then they can tell you about it if you are affected.
If you need additional help, you can put in a Help Desk Ticket. The form for that is on the right side of this page. Fill out the online form and click Submit. It will email itself to me and I will contact you. 
If you need a website unblocked for you or your students or if you need a software program installed then you will need to fill out the Technology Request form on the right side of this page. Print this form out, fill in the information, and give it to your school secretary. It will need to be approved by your principal. If it is approved it will be forwarded on to me and I will install the software or unblock the website. 
If you are planning for your students to use a website please try it yourself first! Do this as soon as you can BEFORE you actually need to use it in class.  Log into a computer or Chromebook as a student and go to the website. If the website is blocked fill out the Technology Request Form and have your principal approve the request and send it to me.



For help learning how to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and other Google products, click here!

This site has interactive tours, tutorials, and videos about how to use all of the Google products that you and your students use.

If you need help with your computer:


Help Desk Request Form



If you need additional software or website access: